As the capital of the sixth largest economy in the world and home to pioneering institutions such as California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, and University of the Pacific, Sacramento’s confluence of innovation, government, and academia makes it a prime location for breakthroughs in technology, policy, and workforce development that can be modeled throughout the world. As Sacramento continues to position itself as a 21st Century center for tech and culture built to support innovation leaders and entrepreneurs who develop groundbreaking technologies and start new companies with global impacts, the Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MOFIE) is taking the helm to expand, retain and recruit these leaders.
Sacramento’s growing innovation ecosystem has attracted industry giants like Verizon and Volkswagen and encouraged local startups to expand and contribute to the hub of innovation and testbed for pilot technologies. MOFIE’s role is to support and direct these efforts to develop a vibrant and inclusive innovation ecosystem that will grow and retain existing entities, attract more companies to Sacramento, and bring new opportunity to the thriving municipal economy.


The mission of the Mayor’s Office for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MOFIE) is to foster an ecosystem that enables entrepreneurship and promotes long term economic growth and job creation through innovation.
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