Code for Sacramento

Code for Sacramento received a $50,000 grant to expand the projects and programming around its 2017 goals.

Key Accomplishments
Performance Metrics
  • Engaged fellow RAILS grantee, FourthWave, to connect female C4S members with its referral and coaching program. Two members were successfully referred.

  • Received contract from SETA to build a resource locator for Sacramento entrepreneurs.

  • Increased meeting attendees by 20% over the same quarter as the previous year.

  • Increased meeting attendees by 43% over the same quarter as the previous year.

  • Partnered with Trinity Technology group as the recommended volunteer activity for employees. Up to 10 employees can receive a stipend for participating in C4S projects.



Total Event Attendance



Through the RAILS program, Code for Sacramento was able to bring on core team members to support regular programming and outreach to membership and potential partners. They were able to make new connections with local community organizations and initiatives and with government partners as well as strengthen previously established partnerships. A pleasantly unexpected outcome also came in the form of Code for Sacramento, and other RAILS grantees, finding increased capacity to seek and acquire additional funding through other grant programs or fundraising (such as Big Day of Giving).