Square One Clubs

Square One Clubs received a $50,000 grant to secure a location for their business and to kickstart their programs in the new location.

Key Accomplishments
Performance Metrics
Key Accomplishments
  • Reached a deal and signed the lease at their new location. Square One Clubs surveyed and approached over 30 locations in and around the Sacramento area during the search.

  • The location is 3,417 square feet and includes space for a training and event center for workshops.

  • Furnished new building, hired an employee, hosted Grand Opening, and began programming.

  • Rented one office space and signed up seven members in the first week

  • Launched Progressive Game Jam which was attended by approximately 30 individuals and was covered by Comstock’s magazine.

  • Launched Sacramento’s first Unity Users’ Group hosted by Unity. These types of groups provide connection to industry leaders and support for local startup developers.

  • Launched Sacramento’s first Blender Users’ Group with support from Blender.

  • Organized the beginnings of training and education with Lean Six Sigma classes.

  • Grew membership to 18 including a new office rental from a development company that moved from Fairfield.

  • Two member companies released their first games in Q4 of 2017.

  • Hosted approximately 100 gamers in a video game tournament for charity with Capital Fight District.

  • Hosted a booth at Sac Anime and a panel about Sacramento’s Indie Developer Movement that was filled to capacity.

  • Hosted inaugural event for National Video Game Day called Video Game Extravaganza with approximately 80 attendees.

  • Concluded first Lean Six Sigma Training and Yellow belt and Green Belt certification courses with plans to offer them again along with black belt training and certification.

  • Grew Unity Users’ Group receiving the attention of local corporate companies such as Intel and Electronic Arts: Capital Games.

  • Launched Unreal Engine Users’ Group with support from Epic Games (makers of Unreal Engine).

Performance Metrics

Number of Active Members


Number of Attendees/Visitors


Number of Students Trained


Number of Startups Incubated



As soon as Square One Clubs was housed in their new building, the programs and classes they were able to offer expanded immensely which was their intention when applying for the RAILS grant funding. Unfortunately, Square One Clubs was unable to find a location within the City of Sacramento and were permitted to locate in the county. We are currently working with them to try and find a location within the City which fits their criteria. They have, however, made it a point to partner with other RAILS grantees and local organizations to host events and broaden their reach within the Sacramento community.