Green Tech Education & Employment

Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) received a $41,638 grant to put on a Web Builders Boot Camp for local students.

Key Accomplishments
Performance Metrics
  • Hosted recruitment fair to engage students and introduce them to curriculum as well as staff and volunteers.

    • 37 youth ages 12 – 19 participated and 13 went on to join the Web Builders Boot Camp.

  • Hosted completion ceremony for 13 students ages 12 – 17 after three months of training and introduction to building websites.

January 2017

April 2017

Number of Participants



Number of Volunteers



Students received certificates and provided a demonstration of the skills they learned. From the momentum Green Tech built through the RAILS grant, it was able to establish a group of six computer engineering mentors to work with youth every Saturday morning. This program provides students with hands-on coding experiences and links it to website development, animation, and computer graphics to capture their interest.