Hacker Lab

Hacker Lab received a $99,605 grant for purchasing new equipment and expanding services to the public and startup community.

Key Accomplishments
Performance Metrics
Key Accomplishments
  • Purchased laser cutter and hand tools.

  • Served 190 unique class participants with an average of 2.4 classes per participant accounting for 450 class seats reserved.

  • Hosted 3rd round of Startup Hustle, a six-week lean startup “pre-accelerator” program for 26 early-stage startup founders. 16 companies presented at a demo night which was attended by over 160 community members.

  • Purchased a CNC plasma cutter, portable laser cutter, and two 3D printers among other new tools.

  • Purchased general fabrication equipment including new saws, abrasives, and lathe.

  • Developed curriculum for classes around the newly purchased equipment.

  • Served 190 unique class participants accounting for 574 class seats reserved.

  • Selected and hired Entrepreneur in Residence and Maker in Residence with funds from the state’s Project Slingshot Program (https://slingshot.hackerlab.org/).

  • Developed curriculum around newly purchased equipment and began collaboration with SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) Sacramento and Autodesk around a digital fabrication certificate program. Five additional teachers were onboarded to support the new curriculum.

  • Served 220 unique class attendees accounting for 405 class seats reserved.

  • Began weekly Office Hours with Entrepreneur and Maker in Residence.

  • Hosted 4th round of Startup Hustle with 9 companies presenting at demo night.

  • Purchased new milling machine, sheet metal tools, casting tools, precision maker equipment, electronics lab, and high-end software design station amongst other maker equipment.

  • Developed curriculum for classes around the newly purchased equipment.

  • Hosted 122 classes with a total of 485 class attendees focused on equipment usage, business, or technology.

  • Kicked off Fall Startup Hustle program.

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Through most of the duration of Hacker Lab’s RAILS grant, their intention was to use RAILS funds to expand their facility into the adjacent property to be able to accommodate more makers. Unfortunately, that endeavor did not pan out within the scope of the RAILS program, but still seems to be an option they are working towards. Hacker Lab was successful, during the time period of the grant, in finding other funding sources to accomplish their goals such as the Slingshot grant program which allowed them to bring on an Entrepreneur in Residence and Maker in Residence to support the needs of their users.